Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The future of building

In the construction industry digitization is also progressing. The use of new technologies, parametric objects, algorithms and software applications, leads to greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, to a comprehensive across trades planning process that saves time and money.

The virtual data model is the basis for planning, production, execution and also for the subsequent operation of the building. The complete, possibly up-to-date documentation allows a smooth handover. With the help of BIM, collision points can be detected at an early stage and errors can be eliminated. The respective project requirements are shown precisely in the visualization and corresponding simulation. Above all, this serves a timely feasibility check in planning and execution, but also for an immediate control of quality, costs and deadlines. Stored data with a detailed specification of the individual components are the basis for on-demand production and, even after completion, offer previously unknown possibilities and information in case of need - from the quality of the building materials used to the basis for gutting the building.

Let us use together the opportunities of BIM for your construction project!

We offer the following services:

  • consultation
  • strategy development and realization
  • planning
  • coordination
  • cost control