Ground-breaking ceremony of the GiB research and development centre (FEZ) in Arnstorf


From 2020, GiB’s new research and development centre offers over 2,000 m² of space for recent laboratory equipment and test benches in order to develop innovative building components and system solutions. At the same time, it is the largest acoustic testing laboratory in Lower Bavaria. The Lindner Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH undertakes the project planning of the entire construction with an investment amount of about 5 Mio. Euros.

For the first time, an especially innovative bespoke unitised facade, which was originally created for a development order of an industrial client, was executed for the new GiB construction. In fact, the construction is supposed to serve as practical trial. It’s about a completely new way of a prefabricated dry construction curtain wall in lightweight steel construction that will be applied for following orders in the sector of residential construction as well as the non-residential sector.

GiB was founded in 2008 and employs about 80 highly qualified engineers and technicians in the sector of diverse construction services. The competence field of the GiB engineers includes structural engineering, fire protection solutions, product development, building physics as well as construction and room acoustics. The GiB-acousticians and their test benches have been accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS for many years. GiB’s current testing capacities were significantly expanded thanks to the new research and development centre. Additionally, new and highly qualified jobs arise.

As an independent testing authority, GiB is allowed to do sound measurements in the laboratory or on site for both, the construction industry and project developers. In case of newly developed building solution, it is indispensable to prove and assure arithmetically measured component constructions 1:1 regarding their practical applicability in large-scale testing stands – according to national and international standardised testing guidelines. Facades like window facades need to be examined in terms of their structural stability against wind pressure and suction loads, permanent tightness during driving rain as well as airtightness.

Besides the classic testing, GiB creates comprehensive sound insulation concepts for private or public builders of residential complexes, nursing homes, schools and for commercial construction. In order to achieve the sound insulation properties prescribed by law in practice, GiB also carries out object supervision on site during the project.

GiB also offers object supervision on site during the construction phase in the field of fire protection – currently at Frankfurt airport carrying out a major contract that includes the expansion of terminal 3, gate G. The creation of fire protection concepts like the assessment of construction components for the refurbishment of new and old buildings complements the scope of activities a GiB’s fire protection engineers can provide. The decisive factor for the refurbishment of the hospital Bogenhausen in Munich was many years of gained experience and competences in the field of structural fire protection solutions on existing buildings. In this case, GiB assessed the over 40 year old escape way constructions by means of major fire tests in the laboratory and thereupon, they were able to develop a suitable concept for the planned refurbishment.

In the meantime, the field of structural engineering and statics became a major part of the GiB-construction services. More than 25 structural engineers provide verifications of stability for facade engineering, interior fit-out, steel/aluminium/glass or wood constructions. Special constructions like 3D-free form roofs/facades or open- area-photovoltaic-installations in the national or international market also belong to the scope of works a structural engineer working at GiB can provide. Not only represents the simple mathematical assessment of national and international standards a challenge but also the practical component inspection in the GiB laboratories or on site.
GiB carried out some research projects in the field of lightweight steel constructions with various universities. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a partner of GiB, too. The aim is to do research that puts its attention to the construction on site and its application orientation in order to develop and generate innovations for the regional and interregional building industry in the range of building and fit-out systems. Within this context, further research activities in the field of ‟application-oriented system developments” are planned.

‟Thanks to the new construction of the modern research and development centre, the range of services on site and testing possibilities have been significantly enlarged and prepares GiB for future challenges.”, GiB CEO Prof. Dipl. Ing Klaus Lang said.