Doors and windows test stand

Our door and facade test stand is used to measure the airborne sound insulation of door and window elements. It is a combination test stand for different test specimen dimensions, which means that three different test specimen sizes are possible. The test rig complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 10140-5.

The door and window test stand consists of two horizontally adjoining rooms, one being the transmitting room and the other the receiving room. The test component is installed in an opening in the partition wall between these rooms in accordance with the normative requirements.

The test rooms are set up completely decoupled from the rest of the test hall (room-in-room system), which minimizes sound transmission through building structures. The arrangement of the sound source and the installed absorbers and diffusers create a diffuse sound field.

For the determination of the airborne sound insulation, a broadband noise is radiated via a loudspeaker in the transmission room. The sound reduction index results from the difference of the measured sound pressure level values between the transmitting room and the receiving room plus a correction for the reverberation time.

Technical Data

Relevant standards and guidelines