Building product testing

Proven tested quality

For construction products and materials, there are many different standards and legal regulations.

With our many years of experience, we not only meet the requirements of existing systems and approvals, but can also respond quickly to new regulations and implement them in tests.

Apart from existing obligations, we are passionately devoting ourselves to new, apparently unsolvable challenges. These make our work so exciting, important and unique.

“Testing products means to create them in the best possible and safe way, to feel comfortable with them, but particularly to protect people from harm and save lives in an emergency!” Following this principle, we combine your product, your wishes and ideas with the legal requirements to a comprehensive package.

For more information, choose from the categories listed or feel free to contact us for a specialized product testing.

Fire and smoke protection/insulation

Acoustic and noise protection/insulation


Cooling capacity measurement

Durability test

Facade verification


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