Vertical test stand

Vertical test stands consist of two rooms, one above the other. The ceiling between the rooms is the test component.

There is one vertical test stand with a standardized solid ceiling and one with an exchangeable lightweight ceiling. With the help of a crane, the covers of the test stands can be removed and various floor structures can be lifted into them.

In both test stands, the weighted sound reduction index of floor and ceiling systems, the weighted standard impact sound level and the weighted impact sound level reduction can be determined. In addition, the sound insulation of vertical building components, e.g. roofs, suspended ceilings, etc., can be determined in the alternating test stand.

For the determination of the airborne sound insulation, a broadband noise is radiated via a loudspeaker in the transmitter room. For the measurement of impact sound insulation, impact sound sources are simulated by using a standard hammer mill. The sound pressure level values in the transmitting and receiving rooms are recorded and corrected over the reverberation time.

Technical data

Exchangeable vertical test stand | area of transmitter room: 3,42 x 3,76 m (12,86 m²)
Solid vertical test stand | area of transmitter room: 3,75 x 3,5 m (13,13 m²)



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