Endurance test stand

For quality assurance purposes, doors and similar components are subjected to endurance testing in our endurance test stand, thus testing the durability and long-term quality of a product.
The test stand is a modular structure made of solid square steel tubes (150 x 150 mm) and is suitable for single and double-leaf doors made of wood, steel and aluminum.
During the test, the test object is repeatedly opened and closed. The number of cycles of the test is freely selectable. For fire and smoke protection doors, for example, this is 200,000.
The test object can be installed either by the customer himself or by GiB mbH with experienced fitters. The door system is checked for changes and damage before, during and after the test.

Due to the affiliated test workshop, adjustments to customer requirements or modifications to the test specimen can be carried out quickly and without complications.
Upon request, either a short test documentation or a detailed test report is possible.

Technical data

Frame inside dimension

4 m x 4 m

Maximum specimen weight

1500 kg (more on request)

Maximum sash weight

300 kg (more on request)


Relevant standards and guidelines

Test standards

DIN EN 1191: 2013-04

DIN 4102-18: 1991-03



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