Reverberation chamber (room acoustics)

In the reverberation chamber, the sound absorption coefficients of acoustic materials or the equivalent sound absorption area of individual objects can be determined.

The reverberation room is a room with sound-reflecting and anti-parallel surfaces. The room is equipped with a precision air conditioning unit, which allows measurement tolerances due to temperature and humidity to be kept as low as possible. The arrangement of sound-reflecting sails, or diffusors, ensures a uniform sound field.

Two permanently installed loudspeakers and six microphones provide 12 measurement positions. For the determination of the reverberation time, a sinusoidal sweep signal is emitted via the loudspeakers.

During the measurement, the reverberation time in the reverberation room is determined with and without the test object. The absorption behavior of the test object is calculated from the difference.

Technical data

Room volume

208,5 m³

Test area for determining sound absorption

10-12 m²

Relevant standards and guidelines


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