Window and facade test stand

GiB mbH operates a window and facade test stand calibrated by ift Rosenheim as well as a pure facade test stand in the outdoor area.

The test stands consist of the control unit with the connected blower units and water pumps as well as the test chamber with the spray pipes. Furthermore, potentiometers for measuring deformations can be connected to the control unit. In addition, the impact resistance can be tested.

With the two blower units, static pressure differences of 10,000Pa can be generated, both positive and negative. The maximum test pressure depends on the tightness of the test specimen. A dynamic driving rain test can also be carried out on the facade test stand.

Separate water circuits are connected to the control system. This ensures that the water pressure is constant over the entire height of the test specimen.

With the existing spraying series, the tests can be carried out in accordance with the test standards for windows and doors (EN1027), gates (EN 12489) and curtain walls (EN 12155).

Technical Data

Relevant standards and guidelines

In addition, a wide variety of tests are possible in which leakage rates, pressure or suction loads as well as tightness in the case of pressing and non-pressing water are to be determined. Examples are cavity floors, suspended ceilings, skylights, clean rooms.


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