Effective Change Management

The first step is always the hardest

Caution or even rejection often are the first, but also comprehensible reactions of employees towards the implementation of modern working environments. In general, people have difficulties with conversion and change. They tend to stick to the tried and tested and usually prefer familiar structures.

What to do?

This is a question, which initially concerns the corporate management. A specially modulated change management uses the intrinsic motivation as an effective instrument for change: from rejection to acceptance to full satisfaction.

Contributing and experiencing

The employees are already involved in the development of the new working environment. In this context, acoustics is the main topic. If the user experiences good room acoustics in advance, his negative attitude will disappear. By providing security throughout the entire planning process, rejection turns into consent.

Yes, let´s go the way together!

In order to implement the corporate objectives successfully whilst maintaining employee motivation, it is crucial, how the company translates the restructuring measures into practice including all parties involved. In this regard, innovative office forms as well as change management are essential aspects, so that the final answer of the employees will be: “Yes, let’s go the way together!”